Touring Sheikh Faisals Private Museum in Doha

Sheikh Faisal’s private museum provides visitors with a glimpse into the history of the Qatari people and Sheikh Faisal himself. A collection from his international travels in the last 55 years has now accumulated into an eclectic mix of possessions, memorabilia, mementos, souvenirs, art and artefacts gathered from over 4 continents.  This museum is a... Continue Reading →



​"To know your future you must know your past" George Santayana MSHEIREB MUSEUMS showcases the history of Qatar within four historic houses. I believe as an expat living in Qatar it is important to understand Qatari history and Qatari culture as I am a guest in Qatar. Knowing Qatar's past has given me a new respect... Continue Reading →

48 Hours in Doha

Qatar's capital city Doha is a fascinating city filled with avant-garde architecture, opulent malls, ancient souqs and a booming food scene.  With visa free travel for nationals from over 80 countries exploring Qatar's rich culture and premiere attractions has never been easier. Citizens of these countries therefore do not need to apply or pay for... Continue Reading →

Café Tasse: Souq Waqifs hidden gem

Café Tasse: Doha Food Review "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." Walt Disney. Today we strolled around Souq Waqif looking for a cafè to have a quick bite and opened a beautifully hand carved door and discovered an eclectic... Continue Reading →

​IPANEMA. A food trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Doha Food Review: Authentic Brazilian food has always been on my food bucket list & I was keen to discover what Brazilian food tasted like. Ipanema is an authentic Brazilian restaurant located in the Marriott Marquis hotel, Westbay, the heart of Doha. IPANEMA prides itself on their Churrascaria (pronounced shoe – ras – karia) style... Continue Reading →

Noodle House

Doha Food Review: Noodle house is a casual dining restaurant blending spicy Asian flavours and a whole lot of noodles. A relaxed ambiance and excellent service makes it the perfect spot for casual lunch dining with friends or a quick business lunch. After a long summer holiday the girls and I needed to do a... Continue Reading →

​How to learn Arabic in Doha

Why learn Arabic? By studying Arabic while living in Qatar you can have a conversation with a Qatari in their language and thus gain their respect, feel completely at ease with the Qatari people and the culture, open doors in your career, strike friendships with Arab speakers, learn more about the Qatari culture, be able... Continue Reading →

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